Revolutionary coating

Propspeed, leading innovator of underwater coatings, has launched a revolutionary foul-release coating designed specifically for transducers.

Photography by Propspeed

27 November 2019


Called “Foulfree”, the product was designed by industry-leading engineers and designated by Airmar as a certified transducer coating.

Foulfree releases marine growth, reducing the maintenance needed to keep transducers clean and streamlining water flow.

Fouling on the face of transducers can reduce their sensitivity, bottom-echo returns and positive fish targets. Transducers also perform best with minimal turbulence over their surface during operation.

Foulfree is a specialized foul-release coating that is biocide-free and does not poison marine growth.

Once cured, Foulfree forms a super-slippery surface over the transducer, preventing marine growth from attaching to its surface. Offering a long service life – it lasts a minimum of 12 months, with an even longer life span in cooler climates.


“Foulfree is an exciting new coating specifically made to enhance the performance of transducers,” said Chris Baird, CEO, Propspeed.

“Bringing together our revolutionary product design and working with the experts in transducer functionality from Airmar, we are able to offer boaters around the world a new solution to an age-old problem and improve sonar performance for anglers and cruisers alike.”

Foulfree joins Propspeed’s award-winning product line which includes Propspeed an industry-leading foul-release system for propellers and running gear and the ground-breaking transparent foul-release coating specifically formulated for underwater lights, Lightspeed.


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