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See Japan by the JR East’s most luxurious rail seats and suites.

06 October 2022


There’s no doubt that one of the best ways to see Japan is by train. Here are three of the most luxurious experiences offered by JR East.



Saphir Odoriko

JR East’s Saphir Odoriko takes travellers to one of Japan’s leading tourist destinations – Izu. The peninsula sits 100 kilometres to the southwest of Tokyo and is known for its beautiful blue sea and white sandy beaches.

Saphir is French for Sapphire, and the name represents the luxury and elegance of this trip along with the imagery of the beautiful blue sea and sky of Izu.

Travellers can take in the beauty of the ocean in any of the cars with the train travelling right alongside the water for parts of the trip. JR East’s first-class cars are known as Green Cars, but on the SAPHIR ODORIKO, every car is a Green Car.


Passengers can enjoy the spacious and comfortable seats in the regular cars, more private and peaceful seats in the Premium Green Cars or can book private rooms for groups of up to six people.

Saphir Odoriko has skylights and large windows in every car, putting you right in the middle of the scenery passing by.

The train also features a cafeteria car serving up meals and drinks fitting of luxury travel. Patrons can dine at tables or at the bar-style seats, facing the ocean. If you are travelling in a private room, meals and drinks will be delivered to your room.



Shinkansen Gran Class

For those looking to travel in style on JR East’s Shinkansen, Gran Class might be for you. JR East Shinkansen has Reserved Seats (economy class) and Green Car (first class), but the Tohoku and Hokkaido Shinkansen, Hokuriku Shinkansen, and Joetsu Shinkansen, which features E5 and E7 Series trains, also have Gran Class, the most premium space available.

Gran Class offers a sophisticated and high-quality interior space and experience for passengers. The spacious reclining seats are made from genuine leather and wool and are ergonomic, making longer trips extra comfortable for passengers.

Gran Class cars only have 18 seats per car with six rows of three seats, allowing for plenty of room for each passenger.

On board, a dedicated Gran Class Attendant will assist passengers with refreshments (light meals) and beverages to make their train journey more comfortable. In addition, in-car amenities, such as slippers and a blanket, will be offered.

Refreshments will be available from 1 October 2022 in two varieties, Western and Japanese, according to customers’ preferences. They are also working to reduce the number of items discarded by reviewing serving methods from the perspective of their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Train Suite Shiki-Shima

Train Suite Shiki-Shima embodies JR East’s concept of luxury with meticulous attention to detail and service like no other.

The train, which celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2022, is JR East’s supreme luxury experience and offers a series of different itineraries, each designed to take passengers deep into Japan’s nature, history and culture.

Different itineraries take passengers to different regions in eastern Japan and southern Hokkaido and are designed to work in concert with the seasons.

Dubbed a cruise train, Train Suite Shiki-Shima offers the ultimate in hospitality with a luxury dining experience in its Dining Shiki-Shima car, featuring dishes made from seasonal ingredients from various places along the way.

Passengers can also relax with a cocktail in Lounge Komorebi in front of the fireplace and the piano. The sophisticated lounge features design elements reminiscent of trees with branches stretching up to the ceiling.

If you just want to watch the world pass by, head up to the observatory car at the front and rear of the train – the View Terrace Kizashi / Ibuki cars. Here passengers are surrounded by windows. The design allows passengers to enjoy the view whether they are standing or sitting.

All passengers have their own private suites from the beautiful and intimate suites in the Suite Room to the elegance of the Deluxe Suite Room and Shiki-shima Suite Room. The Deluxe Suite Room features high ceilings, its own fireplace and cypress bath, while the Shiki-shima Suite is a two-storey suite featuring a Japanese tatami room on the top floor and its own cypress bath.




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