Positive confirmations

Groupe Beneteau has confirmed the company recorded a positive full year of revenue growth.

30 July 2021


Groupe Beneteau has published a public statement stating that the company’s full-year revenue and income are growing consistently.

According to internal reports, Groupe Beneteau has confirmed the company is forecasting a full-year revenue growth of over 7 percent on a reported basis for 2021, as well as almost 6 and 15 percent in its boat and housing divisions respectively.

The company has stated they expect this figure to “more than double this year compared with the 2020 proforma figure of €27.5 million (AU$44,152,534).”

Groupe Beneteau has also expressed that the company has seen the first effects of the overhead reduction and restructuring measures that were decided on last year.

Justifying this figure is the global order book that, at the end of June this year, came to a projected total of €1,800 million (AU$2,890,447) for the 2021 financial year.

This figure, according to the company, is an increase of 55 percent compared with the end of June 2020.

The end of June also heralded revenues of €658.8 million (AU$1,057,693,518) for the company’s Housing Division, which is a 3.4 percent growth and a 5.1 percent increase at constant exchange rates. Excluding fleets, the Boat Division’s revenues are also up 14.3 percent.


Other signs of growth include the company’s partnership with Central Europe’s leading private group PPF, acquiring an 87 percent interest in Dream Yacht Group and a 50 percent stake in Navigare Yachting.

Groupe Beneteau has also confirmed the company has acquired 40 percent in Your Boat Club, a US-based company that owns and manages 24 clubs, including seven marinas.

These investments account for a total cost of €40 million (AU$64,232,553).

“Following a difficult year,  the sky is clearing and the combination of favourable market conditions and in-house measures rolled out will deliver impacts more quickly than we expected even a year ago,” said Groupe Beneteau Chairman and CEO Jérôme de Metz.

“With our diversification investments, we are delighted and proud of this development for Groupe Beneteau, which is announcing a change of scale. These new prospects are fascinating and further strengthen our position as a global boat market leader.”



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