Plan for the future

Australian boat builder Maritimo forges ahead in 2020, with plans for some exciting announcements.

23 March 2020


Maritimo will continue production and push ahead with exciting plans for 2020, the Australian boatbuilders have confirmed. Martimo are putting together a plan for new model releases, which includes an action packed promotional schedule.

“It is in times like these that the Maritimo team believes it is more important than ever to stay on track and continue to function as normally as possible,” the company said in a statement.

“We fully support the hard, but necessary decisions that boat show organisers around the globe have taken and at the same time have developed systems that work around the absence of those large scale events.”

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, The World Health Organisation (WHO) has released guidelines strongly promoting social distancing as a way to help slow the spread of the virus and this has seen large numbers of events and activities cancelled internationally including boating exhibitions and shows.

In light of this, Maritimo has also announced alternative customer experiences including one-on-one VIP appointments, guided digital tours and vessel walkthroughs, and controlled visits to their sales and marketing centres which are the subject of new stringent cleaning programs.


Maritimo plan on announcing the release of several new models in coming months, and have confirmed they have a strong forward order pipeline and have experienced strong demand for our product due to our long range capabilities and advantages.

“The situation is fluid and we are monitoring and adjusting our activities on a daily basis, but the underlying philosophy at Maritimo is that we are operating as ‘business as usual’ albeit with heightened staff and customer safety precautions and a shift to more one on one appointments vs large scale events”, the statement detailed.

Earlier this year, Maritimo had plans for a year of major announcements, owner events and new model releases to maintain the momentum of 2019, on of the company’s most successful year ever.


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