14 Nov 2022

Ultimate cruising adventure

Owners of Fleming Yachts Freja embark on the ultimate cruising adventure 


Every boater dreams of the freedom to explore the outer edges of the oceans, but very few get the opportunity to embark on such a journey.

Fleming owners Nicholas and Johanna Baxter enjoyed the yachting lifestyle on an F55, before recently moving up to an F65.

“We live aboard and spend quality time fishing, diving and trying to live our best lives,” says Johanna. “We chose Fleming Yachts for their suitability to live aboard as a trawler or motor yacht. From our home, we can explore the world.”

The Fleming Yachts 65 uses a semi-displacement hull design that provides the ability to cruise very efficiently with long range at displacement speed. All system components on board are sized over and above design requirements, along with duplicated systems for backup.

There are many reasons why a Fleming is known as the Ultimate Cruising Yacht, perfect for Freja’s ultimate cruising adventure. Follow their recent journey to the Coral Sea off the Great Barrier Reef of Australia, where they explore incredible underwater reef forests, spear fresh fish for dinner and meet fellow yacht owners along the way.





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