9 Jun 2022

Modern classics

The GB Marine Group has revealed the underlying relationship between their classic Palm Beach range of motor yachts and their highly contemporary GT line of models. The morphing of the PB55 and the GT60 showcases their similarities and differences.

At first glance, the PB55 and GT60 bear only the family resemblance of distant relatives. While one is a high-tech timeless classic that oozes the charm and style of a bygone era, the other is a super-sleek ode to modernism and speed.

However, look a little closer and their shared DNA starts to become more apparent. Both are designed and constructed using Palm Beach’s proprietary V-Warp Technology, which delivers class-leading speed, fuel efficiency and range, as well as comfort and ease of handling in all conditions.

Both models display an ingenious use of ergonomics to optimise the use of internal space and offer a range of configurations.

But where they differ is in style and personality. The GT60’s pared-back aesthetic and use of carbon fibre, combined with sumptuous internal finishes, is futuristic when set aside the refined traditionalism of the PB55.

In their different ways, both are exquisitely beautiful. But they are, by design, suggestive of different lifestyles and experiences on the water.




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