Marking milestones

Omikron has issued a yard update, as it celebrates milestones in the production of its OT-60 and OT-80 models and the Argo 54 project.

21 March 2024


Greek boatbuilder Omikron Yachts has celebrated the successful delivery of hull number 3 of its first production model, the OT-60, marking a significant milestone for the shipyard.

The Lavrio-based shipyard continues to operate at full capacity, with the delivery of hull 4 planned for the end of April, the construction of hull 5, and the start of the building process on hull 6.

Building on the success of the OT-60, Omikron Yachts is now developing the OT-80, which represents the next evolution in Omikron’s concept of ‘slow yachting’. This project is being undertaken with the same collaborators who worked on the construction of the OT-60.

The yard says Lorenzo Argento and the Juan-K office will ensure that the OT-80 continues the brand’s “tradition of pushing boundaries and setting new standards in the industry.”


Meanwhile, the much larger Argo 54 project continues to make progress. The 54-metre ‘supersailing’ boat is progressing. Key components, including the 54-metre mast and the 22-metre boom, are already on-site, awaiting assembly.

“The delivery of OT-60’s hull number 3, the development of the OT-80, and the progress on Argo 54 all reflect our relentless pursuit of excellence,” says Nikolas Dendrinos, chair of Olympic Marine, the parent company of Omikron Yachts.

“We are grateful for the collaboration with Lorenzo Argento and the Juan-K office, and we are excited to continue setting new standards in the world of luxury yachting.”



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