Italian renaissance

Benetti has begun riding a wave of market growth for a season that looks set to provide satisfying results.

30 April 2021


Even before the arrival of summer and the yachting boom that comes with it, Benetti reports an order book of 34 superyachts valued at €700 million euros, which for the Azimut Benetti Group translates into exceeding €1 billion in total.

Under the present COVID-19 restrictions, the nautical market has enjoyed a busy season, spurred on by the desire for escape, freedom and safety, which can be enjoyed at sea. Benetti has seized this moment with a wide range of new-generation models to consolidate the boom in sales.

This success results as much from the strong numbers in the composite megayacht division from 29–44 metres, as from the custom steel division, which has sold 15 yachts with a concentration in the 50–70-metre range.

Particularly impressive are the successes of the Benetti Oasis 40M, a yacht in such demand that it was necessary to double the number of moulds, which will soon be followed by a sistership a little smaller in size.

Other standout models include the Benetti Motopanfilo 37M, which evokes the lines of the iconic 1950s Benetti Gabbiano, as well as the Benetti B.Yond 37-metre, a four-deck explorer under construction that will be the most eco-sustainable yacht available in this market segment.


The Oasis line, which heralded a new concept for life on board with a stern that can be completely opened to the sea and infinity pool, also serves as an example of the success of many of the custom steel yachts that will carry the Benetti stylistic signature, the B.Now 50M.

Giovanna Vitelli, Executive Vice President of Azimut Benetti Group, said: “We are deeply grateful for the diligent collaboration between the management, the workers and all the representatives of the supply chain, who have dependably supported us.”

“I’m proud that the Azimut Benetti Group represents, through the tangible sign of its results, an excellence and an outpost of that new Italian renaissance we all hope for.”

Marco Valle, CEO of the Group, added: “Now that we’ve triumphed over the challenging international markets, we must keep our attention focused and continue to pursue the equally demanding work at hand: production continuity in full respect of the health and safety of those who work with us, which has so far been successful.

“To all those who work every day to make it possible, I send my heartfelt thanks.”




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