GB85 flagship to launch at PBIBS

Grand Banks Yachts will unveil the new flagship GB85 at the 2022 Palm Beach International Boat Show.

09 March 2022


The new Grand Banks’ flagship, the GB85 will be launched at the 2022 Palm Beach International Boat Show, 24 to 27 March.

Mark Richards is a champion yachtsman and an award-winning boat designer. In 2014, he took on a new challenge. He came on board to modernise and relaunch one of the world’s most iconic brands: Grand Banks Yachts.

His first model, the exquisite GB60, proved to be both an evolution and a revolution. While maintaining the elegant lines and opulent interiors that define the Grand Banks style, Mark and his team rebuilt this classic cruiser from the inside out.

The GB60, and the GB54 which soon followed, have been designed and constructed using a radical, new technology: V-Warp. This is truly a game changer.

V-Warp combines a flared, semi-displacement hull, rigid construction techniques and superior materials to reduce weight and lower the centre of gravity. The result is class-leading speed, stability, and fuel economy.


Unsurprisingly, response from owners and the boating industry alike has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. So much so, that Mark is now applying this design philosophy to a new 85-foot flagship.

The GB85 is three times the volume of the 60 and while her elongated hull may have crept into the superyacht category, this yacht belongs in a class of her own.

The V-Warp platform delivers a flawless combination of the finest materials, cutting-edge robotics and traditional hand-craftsmanship.

Vacuum infusion of premium grade fabrics, and a fully infused carbon fibre deck and superstructure, has allowed Mark to create expansive interiors which don’t require the structural support that might compromise the spaciousness of the design.

Hull #1 has three massive staterooms and separate crew quarters with two cabins that can be used for additional guests or children. (And the 22’ 2” beam has allowed us to build in some remarkable bespoke features.)

Flexibility of design is not confined to the interiors. The ’85 is available in both enclosed sky-lounge and open flybridge configurations and, depending on how and where they intend to use the boat, owners can choose between a traditional shaft drive or Pods.

This first model has now completed its initial sea trials and is performing exactly to expectations.



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