Future view

Ferretti Group reveal future projects for their superyacht yard at Monaco Yacht Show.

27 September 2018


Ferretti Group, exhibiting in the Principality of Monaco, took the opportunity to reveal the company’s investments in the superyacht sector, the new projects of the upcoming flagships and the new Riva, Pershing and CRN superyachts currently under construction.

“Now more than ever, success belongs to those who move fast, in the direction of the market and today the market looks with increasing interest to large yachts.

“It is precisely in the segment of pleasure yachts, that we are investing capital, resources, and all our know-how to consolidate ourselves as a worldwide reference point for excellence and design” declared Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group.

“The numbers are proving us right and convince us that pursuing beauty means conquering the market”.


Superyachts will occupy an increasingly important place in the Group’s plans: in the next three-year period 2019-2021, there will be 13 new projects over 30 meters compared to the 8 presented in the previous three years and 66 new boats in the segment of super and maxi yachts.

There are currently 5 new pleasure yachts under construction at the Ancona shipyard, ready to be launched in 2019.

Two units of Pershing 140, the Riva 50 metres, the largest boats ever built by the respective brands, the CRN 137 of 62 metres and the CRN 135 of 79 metres.

In the first 8 months of 2018 the Group achieved a production value of 420 million euros, +22% compared to the same period of 2017. The estimates for 2018 are confirmed, which foresee a production value of 704 million euros.

 The Group’s investments increased to 153.5 million euros in the 2015-2018 four-year period, of which about 30% allocated to the design and development of yachts over the 30 metres.



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