Eyes on Asia–Pacific

Azimut Benetti Group records strong growth in the Asia–Pacific area, including considerable gains in Australia.

29 October 2020


The Asia-Pacific area continues to play a strategic role for Azimut Benetti Group sales, with the Group reporting total sales worth over 150 million euros (the two brands’ results for the last 12 months).

Despite the complexities caused by the global pandemic, Azimut Benetti saw a 10 percent increase on the results posted for this area last season.

A major contribution to Azimut Benetti’s sales come from the Australian and New Zealand markets.

In particular, Azimut Yachts saw strong results thanks to the new Australian dealer D’Albora, which has established a considerable presence in the region in the space of a single year.

“We have had a very encouraging period of recent sales, delivering four new Azimut yachts in the last six months, with a couple in build which have already been sold, plus a few more on the drawing board,” said Matt Walford, CEO of d’Albora Marine.

d’Albora Marine has already sold a Grande 27 Metri that is currently in build. This will be a very highly specified boat with features such as a jacuzzi, main deck master with full height windows, tender garage and flybridge bar, with delivery expected in early 2021.


Walford says navigating through COVID has been difficult for d’Albora Marine, but the business has placed a big focus on achieving specific objectives and blocking out a lot of the broader distractions.

“We always felt our goals were achievable notwithstanding the challenges we’re very satisfied with the result. You can never have enough sales though,” says Walford.

“Customers have responded positively to what d’Albora can offer to them as a broader marine services provider. We have 10 marinas and five boatyards in premium locations along the East Coast of Australia.

Walford reports that d’Albora Marine has received considerable interest in the Azimut range from Australian buyers.

“The Azimut range includes various styles of vessels from 45 feet to 40 metres and then going larger with the Benetti badge. Azimut’s continual innovation in design and construction is market-leading, with the brand clearly benefitting from the same ownership and management for over 50 years,” says Walford.

“The availability of boats is favourable to our growing sales team, currently at nine across the d’Albora network.”

Azimut Yachts has sold and delivered eight yachts in the brand’s flagship Grande Collection (four 32 Metri, two 27 Metri and two 25 Metri) with five more units in the same collection in delivery in the next six months.

Turning to Benetti, Asia-Pacific owners have been attracted to the recently launched Oasis 40M, with 12 units sold to date, including two in Australia.

This news shows the increasing focus from Azimut Benetti on markets in the region, including Hong Kong, Singapore, continental China, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, driven by orders for boats over 24 metres.




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