Expedition cruise

A new-generation exploration ship with superyacht luxury and style has been designed by an Italian naval architect Stefano Pastrovich.

04 June 2020


Naval architect Stefano Pastrovich has designed a luxury superyacht with the modular construction flexibility of a cruise liner.

X-Expedition is a next-generation safe haven Protected Ship that will feature Wärtsila hybrid propulsion for a whole new level of experiential travel.

Pastrovich, the 47-year-old Italian naval architect and designer, commented: “We’ve designed a new generation of superyachts and small cruise ships for a new generation of luxury-segment explorers.

“Our X-Expedition is a Protected Ship in a class of its own: a magical safe haven from which to enjoy the world’s most beautiful landscapes in total safety, simultaneously immersing you in an extraordinary world of its own that becomes part of its surroundings, like an island.”

“Right from the first sketch, we based the design on integrating different construction techniques and leveraging the efficient modular approach of the cruise industry, while combining it with the high-end techniques typical of superyachts. This enables us to achieve efficient cost management and construction times without sacrificing luxury construction detail.”


Each X-Expedition ship is designed on modular principles using a standard cruise ship construction platform in which the cabins, windows, vertical accesses and common areas all fit together like a big jigsaw puzzle. This enables the most efficient use of space and materials while significantly reducing construction times and costs.

“In this class of ship, everything is designed around creating the experience we want the guest to live on board,” explains Stefano Pastrovich.

Space makes for privacy and privacy determines exclusivity.

A further technical innovation of the design is its incorporation of the very latest hybrid-propulsion technology, both for reduced environmental impact and to enhance the onboard experience.

X-Expedition features the first new-generation hybrid power module for the naval industry, Wärtsila HY, designed and developed by Wärtsila and integrated into the X-Expedition in partnership with Pastrovich himself.

“The partnership with Wärtsila,” explains Pastrovich, “has focused on integrating the Wärtsila Hybrid system into the ship’s operating system.

“But the aim was to go beyond energy savings. The X-Expedition ships have been designed to travel respectfully and discreetly through the most beautiful and delicate environments on earth so that guests have the opportunity to enjoy nature’s symphony of sounds undisturbed.”

X-Expedition has been designed for a new class of travellers Pastrovich calls New X-Travellers. He explains, “For years, there’s been a new market ready and waiting in a generation that wants to combine adventure with exclusivity and privacy.

“They’re travellers who find what they’re looking for in the world of boutique hotels, luxury concierge services and private jets, but are still not served by anything like that in the cruise industry.”

These adventure tourists dream of exploring the seas in the most exclusive level of comfort, luxury and privacy, but still haven’t found a cruise ship or superyacht able to make their dream come true.

Pastrovich explains, “This design aims to fill that gap in the market. It’s the culmination of a long conceptual and design process that brings my vision of the voyage as an adventure to life.”


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