Dive Expo joins SIBS

The well-known and respected Australia International Dive Expo (AIDE) will join in this year’s Sydney International Boat Show, 3 to 7 August returning in full to Cockle Bay and Darling Harbour.

Photography by AIDE/BIA NSW

10 June 2017


This gives the diving sector the opportunity to be part of Australia’s largest boating event, and is an added bonus to SIBS visitors.

Research from last year’s show identified that 15 percent of visitors to SIBS have an interest in diving and snorkelling. 

“We are excited to incorporate this new element into the show. The demand for a diving expo has been growing for years,” said Domenic Genua from the BIA. “We look forward to growing the expo as a part of the Sydney International Boat Show.”

The Malaysian based AsiaEvents Exsic Pty Ltd has been organising the Australia International Dive Expo since 2014. This comes off the back of their long-standing international success with the Malaysia Dive Expo, which has been going for 12 consecutive years.  

AIDE has become an important and valuable platform for the Australian public to learn more about the marine world. The aim is to reach both existing divers and soon-to-be divers, to provide them with access to the latest information and developments.


Mirroring similar values to the Sydney International Boat Show, the Dive Expo will be both educational and entertaining. From dive try-outs, lessons, tours and holiday packages to dive equipment, photography and marine conservation practices, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in the marine world at the Show. Demonstrations and presentations by experts in the industry will also have visitors well engaged with their interests.

Dive Expo Director Ness Puvanes welcomed the partnership, which gives the Australia International Dive Expo the chance to reach a wider water-loving audience for the exhibitors.

With the start of the diving season commencing in September, the Expo will no doubt help to equip divers with some useful information on new or emerging destinations, tour packages, trends, hi-tech gizmos and more, to get them geared up for the season.

A major objective of the show is to continue to engage with existing divers and newbies to keep them inspired to see more of the marine world and be in the loop on cutting edge technologies and conservation practices.

Some of the highlights for this year’s Expo include a presentation by Disabled Divers International (DDI); a photographic and video presentation of the underwater world; a dedicated family area courtesy of the Australian Maritime Museum and presentation by industry experts in the dive field.

Visitors will also be engaged with presentations on travel destinations photography, diving medicine, conservation efforts, deep sea exploration, free diving, diving expeditions, and more.

A pool will once again be set up for newbies to have a go at scuba diving, while non-active divers can sign up for rebreather training. For those interested in new gadgets, there will also be dive gear testing and other demonstrations available.

The Sydney International Boat Show will take place 3 to 7 August, with opening times 10am to 8 pm in the halls, with the adjoining marina display closing daily at 7pm. The Boat Show celebrates its 50th anniversary with its return fully to Darling Harbour, at the ICC-Sydney and the Cockle Bay Marina.



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