Connection with the sea

Mangusta's GranSport 45 will be the perfect blend of sporty and comfort.

26 October 2018


Only a few weeks after announcing the sale of a displacement three-deck in the Mangusta Oceano 43 series, Overmarine Group has confrimed another order for a vessel in the new aluminum Fast Displacement line, the Mangusta GranSport 45.

‘The recent autumn boat shows witnessed the debut of the new Mangusta GranSport line, which combines top performances and a transoceanic range. ‘El Leon’ – this is the name of the first vessel delivered – immediately conquered the public, the press, and sector operators” says Mangusta’s Commercial Director Francesco Frediani.

“The sale of this 45-meter model in the same line is now confirming that we were able to successfully interpret the needs of this new market segment”.

Designer Alberto Mancini has endowed the Mangusta GranSport 45 with a breathtaking design, characterised by strong dynamism, stylish, sophisticated lines, and a perfect blend of sporty features, comfort and versatility, typical of the way Mangusta understands fast displacement yachts.


From a technical standpoint too, quality and impressive performances are the key words on this vessel, in terms of speed, efficiency and onboard comfort.

Just like on the 54 metre model, the hull, designed by engineer Pierluigi Ausonio together with Overmarine Group’s Technical Department is a “Fast Surface Piercing Hull” (i.e. a fast displacement hull, with bulb).

The propulsion system consists of three MTU 16V 2000 M96L engines – two external engines connected to the fixed-pitch propeller shaft and a central engine connected to a Rolls Royce (Kamewa) manoeuvrable waterjet.

The central unit allows to reach maximum speed but also to cruise at night, silently and efficiently, at low speed; it ensures excellent manoeuvrability when cruising, in ports, and also includes other functions, such as dynamic positioning. The engine configuration selected complies with the tightest air emission standards in this class of yachts, IMO Tier II/EPA Tier III.

A maximum speed of 26 knots and a range of 3500 miles at 11 knots or over 1000 miles at 20 knots allow the Owner to use the yachts as he pleases, depending on the needs.

Comfort, both when cruising and when at anchor, is ensured by electric fin stabilisers, which ensure a faster and more effective response compared to other systems.

One of this yacht’s distinguishing features is the upper deck, an area where the concept of lifestyle, understood as a full experience of life on board, reaches its highest expression: the central saloon is indeed connected to both the aft area, thanks to large sliding glazed doors, and the forward sun bridge lounge, which opens up towards two large sunpads with a Jacuzzi tub in the middle fitting seven people.

From the tub the water then flows towards the bow, creating a waterfall that reaches the mooring deck, while three large underwater skylights let the sun rays shine through and illuminate the Owner’s bathroom below.

Another feature on this boat is the aft beach area: its 75 square meters are divided over three platforms – one aft, extendible, and two terraces that rotate from the side bulwarks. All three areas ensure a wonderful contact with the sea.

The interiors will be designed by the Owner’s wife, working in close cooperation with Overmarine Group’s Artistic Office.

Delivery is expected in 2019.


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