New colossus

Sanlorenzo launch its new flagship Attila.

13 June 2019


At an imposing 1451 tonnes, 64 metres in length, five decks and an internal maximum width of 12.5 metres, Attila is the largest superyacht that Sanlorenzo has produced so far.

According to the Italian shipyard, Sanlorenzo has introduced “an innovative layout with elegant exterior lines and structures which maximise onboard liveability.”

The Main Deck at the stern and the Beach Club on the Lower Deck represent the most distinctive areas of the project. It features a double stairway that connects the pool and dining area to the Beach Club equipped with a sauna, massage room, and gym, right at the waterline. With the bow mirror and the side platforms open, the Beach Club covers an area of 78-square-metres.

“The most important aspect that has characterised the yacht’s concept has been maintaining continuity between the beach club and an area we could call an al fresco veranda, that is the rear part of the Main Deck where the pool is also located, passing along an impressive stairway,” says Antonio Santella, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Sanlorenzo Superyacht Division.


“The idea behind the layout enables us to integrate the main aft deck and the beach club as much as possible. This characteristic enables us to enjoy both areas, around which the social life on board is focused, simultaneously, without separating the guests.”

The new flagship of Sanlorenzo’s superyachts Steel line with a fast displacement hull, the 64Steel offers various distinguishing features, including:

  • The ability to reserve an entire deck to the ship owner, the Owner Deck, which includes the bedroom facing the bow, which has a large whirlpool bath on the outside;
  • The ability to load two big tenders of over 10 metres in length which can also be limousine tenders, thanks to the garage’s height, as found in yachts over 80 meters long.
  • The maximum internal beam is 12.5 metres large, also typical of a yacht over 70 metres long;
  • The helipad for touch and go, at the bow, which can be turned into an extraordinary solarium when not in use.
  • The 64Steel platform was designed to be extended from 64 to 70 metres to satisfy varying requests.

“Yachts come to life from ideas. These are the ones that gave birth to Attila, our 64 metre yacht, our flagship.” Antonio Santella.

Attila‘s interiors were furnished and decorated by Francesco Paszkowski and Margherita Casprini.

“We worked full speed with the owner and the shipyard,” recalls Francesco Paszkowski. “Defining a modern space in South American style with natural elements such as teak, near which the owner wanted to add and mix many other materials he loves, and which are part of his personal experience. Attila is the yacht of a man who lives life to the fullest. And lives his yacht.”


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