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March/April Issue

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Explore our breathtaking collection of cruisers, power boats and yachts.

  • New Builds21 Apr, 2017

    Unveiling the graceful Swan 65

    Designed by renowned architect Germán Frers, Nautor's Swan 65 delivers elegance, comfort and...

  • New Builds20 Apr, 2017

    Heesen’s home run

    Heesen Yachts launches the world's first Fast Displacement motor yacht with hybrid propulsion,...

  • New Builds20 Apr, 2017

    Come fly with me

    The completion of the 2300 FLY and the 4400 FLY mark the 120th anniversary for French custom...

  • Design19 Apr, 2017

    PY Heritage: Building on a Legend

    The first collaboration between Zuccon International Project and Picchiotti pays homage to late...

  • New Builds12 Apr, 2017

    Accessible, versatile 50

    Amel has announced an addition to its formidable range in the form of Amel 50, a 15-metre sloop...

  • New Builds12 Apr, 2017

    New era, 5-deck unveiled

    First impressions of CRN's latest Nuvolari Lenard-styled, 62-metre displacement motor yacht have...

  • Design12 Apr, 2017

    Fly higher

    A collaboration between Swiss company Hydros and Dubai-based Enata Marine, the Foiler 41 brings...

  • New Builds06 Apr, 2017

    Riva 50 dream closer to reality

    The dream of Riva superyachts in steel and aluminium is one step closer with construction underway...

  • New Builds25 Mar, 2017

    Nobiskrug hits key milestone

    The German shipyard Nobiskrug has laid the keel of its 80-metre new build project in Kiel.



The ocean is meant to be explored; discover perfect locations.

  • Travel20 Apr, 2017

    Venture to paradise

    Yachting guru and founder of Fleming Yachts, Tony Fleming, invites you to Venture with him to the...

  • Charter20 Apr, 2017

    New, improved addition

    Ocean Alliance welcome ĀKIKŌ to the Australian and South Pacific charter...

  • Travel01 Apr, 2017

    Changes for Chiang Mai tourism

    Millennials are flocking to Northern Thailand’s new hit-list destination.

  • Travel11 Apr, 2017

    HK’s new superyacht on land

    Renowned yacht design firm Vitruvius Yachts is set to make waves this autumn with the opening of...

  • Charter28 Mar, 2017

    See Sydney in Vivid colour

    Luxury charter cat, Coast provides front row seats, in total comfort, to bathe in the light show...

  • Travel28 Mar, 2017

    Newest tropical temptation

    Fiji's newest luxury private island resort, Kokomo, offers guests access to the natural wonders of...

  • Travel29 Mar, 2017

    The South Pacific’s Newest Discoveries

    There are two more reasons to set a course for Tahiti and Fiji for those with a passion for diving.

  • Travel28 Mar, 2017

    The Oasis

    Michelin-star dining and stylish lounges set in a tropical enclave await at The W.

  • Cruising31 Mar, 2017

    Abell Point activates clean up

    In the wake of category 4 Tropical Cyclone Debbie, Abell Point and the Whitsundays region are...



Keep up to date with legislation, awards and everything in between.

  • Regional12 Apr, 2017

    APYC examines the big issues

    The 9th Asia Pacific Yachting Conference, held 5 & 6 April, brought together the world's leading...

  • Company11 Apr, 2017

    Lord of the Seas

    Fourth-generation Italian entrepreneur, shipbuilder and designer, Carlo Riva, has passed away at the...

  • International11 Apr, 2017

    Millennials create new paradigm

    Eschewing the bonds of ownership for a plethora of experiences, high net worth Millennials (once...

  • Company10 Apr, 2017

    New blood at Azimut Benetti

    Christos Ramnialis joins Azimut Benetti as the new General Manager of the Megayachts Business Line...

  • Regional07 Apr, 2017

    Nautical diplomacy

    The 9th Asia Pacific Yachting Conference pursues increased regional cooperation to promote marine...

  • Regional06 Apr, 2017

    Education with class

    The sixth annual Festival of Boating on Queensland’s Gold Coast combined on water education with...



The latest gadgets, toys and technology that are shaping the yachting industry.

  • Toys21 Apr, 2017

    Fish finding drone

    Aiming to revolutionise the recreational fishing market, the PowerRay drone from PowerVision, is a...

  • Technology21 Apr, 2017

    Deep sea adventure

    Adventurers and avid explorers will soon be able to see first-hand the most fascinating depths of...

  • Toys21 Apr, 2017

    Flying future is here

    Aeromobil, the convertible car to aircraft, garnered international amazement and acclaim at its...

  • Toys20 Apr, 2017

    Making a splash

    FunAir launches their Superyacht Lagoon Pool - Aussie Edition at the Sanctuary Cove Boat...

  • Technology20 Apr, 2017

    Connect the dots

    The advanced superyacht booking system, LuxBerths, has launched in Asia.

  • Toys11 Apr, 2017

    Green go-kart

    The electric-powered JETPAD go-kart is a fast and environmentally-friendly water toy that will rev...

  • Technology07 Apr, 2017

    Blood, Sweat & The Sea

    Walkley Award winning journalist Mike Swinson tells the story of John Muir in a highly regarded new...

  • Hardware04 Apr, 2017

    Problem solved

    Side Hatch kit resolves issue of the need for an additional maintenance access point on challenging...

  • Hardware04 Apr, 2017

    Better boating visibility

    Advanced Thermal Cameras and Axiom Multifunction Displays improve Boaters’ view.



The ocean lifestyle extends well beyond the water.

  • Emporium12 Apr, 2017

    Super key

    Make like 007 and control your supercar, or superyacht, with your beautifully bespoke bangle,...

  • Emporium12 Apr, 2017

    Saber the flavour

    Why merely pop the cork when you can slice it with a sabre like a pro, astounding your guests and...

  • Momentum22 Mar, 2017

    Road to a new modern masterpiece

    Bugatti and Palmer Johnson have revived the supercar brand's boating past in the first of a new...

  • Momentum05 Apr, 2017

    Two-wheeler Bugatti

    Bugatti has teamed up with German bike manufacturer, PG to create a limited edition push bike in the...

  • Momentum23 Mar, 2017

    Third PC-24 Prototype takes wing

    The third and final PC-24 Prototype, PO3 took off recently on its maiden flight over Switzerland,...

  • Momentum02 Mar, 2017

    Marine Grand Deck Tourbillon

    Using super-strong yet ultra-fine nanowire for the ropes, the mechanism of the new Marine Grand Deck...

  • Momentum31 Mar, 2017

    Jeweller’s dozen

    Luxurious 60 carat diamond egg photo frame launches in time for Easter.

  • Momentum21 Mar, 2017

    All aboard Japanese seven-star train

    Renowned supercar designer, Ken Okuyama has created an ultra-luxurious train that embodies the...

  • Emporium04 Apr, 2017

    Sunseeker wear

    Sunseeker International launches a new merchandise range, the ‘Sunseeker Collection’ at the...



A front-row seat to all the regattas, boat shows and product launches.

  • Social20 Apr, 2017

    Business backs Super Rendezvous

    Queensland businesses have got behind the promotional and networking event, the inaugural Australian...

  • Social18 Apr, 2017

    Adagold Luxe launch

    Adagold Aviation launched its new luxury travel and holiday brand on Sydney Harbour, thanks to...

  • Boat shows12 Apr, 2017

    Stats & Facts: Sanctuary Cove 2017

    The 29th Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show will run 25 to 28 May on Queensland's Gold Coast....

  • Social10 Apr, 2017

    Voyage to victory

    An iconic Australian destination and Australian superyacht cruising will be recognised with a...

  • Regattas10 Apr, 2017

    The race must go on

    Despite the devastation of Cyclone Debbie Audi Hamilton Island Race Week 2017 will continue as...

  • Boat shows06 Apr, 2017

    MC6 to debut at SCIBS

    The much-anticipated Italian-designed and built Monte Carlo 6 will make her first official...