Cleaned and Sealed

Soap and Sealer Products Designed to Clean and Protect Polyurethane Topcoats.

Photography by Alexseal

Alexseal® Yacht Coatings now has two new yacht cleaning products, designed specifically for marine use, and meeting all applicable environmental regulations. The Alexseal Premium Wash Down and Polymer Sealer were developed to provide additional beauty and prolonged life to Alexseal topcoats.

Alexseal Premium Wash Down Concentrate is a biodegradable washing detergent designed to clean Alexseal topcoats. It is neutral in PH; does not include abrasives and is free rinsing which decreases drying time. Alexseal Premium Wash Down Concentrate is formulated for the marine environment and meets all environmental requirements for marine detergents. Users of Premium Wash Down Concentrate will be able to achieve professionally cleaned surface with minimal environmental impact.

Alexseal Premium Polymer Sealer removes mild stains and water spots from the surface and leaves behind a protective polymer coating which will help seal the surface from harsh elements of the marine environment.


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