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  • 20 Jun, 2017

    Go go gadget e-bike

    Charter guests and superyacht owners can enjoy the ultimate freedom with the Kiwi-innovation, the...

  • 08 Jul, 2017

    Covetable crossover

    Positioned as “a fresh look at water scooters and a new take on tenders”, the Vanqraft VQ16 was...

  • 15 Aug, 2017

    FunAir pumps it up at SIBS

    FunAir and Marine Riley teamed up to bring the latest yacht toys to the Australian market at the...

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  • 02 Jul, 2017

    Farr Horizon

    The Horizon F14 SUP, which was created in collaboration with Farr Yacht Design, is the latest fast...

  • 20 Jun, 2017

    Super toy makes waves

    Making its debut at Salon Nautique in Barcelona in 2016, the ultimate superyacht toy, the...

  • 10 Jun, 2017

    All terrain shredder

    Designed by Extreme Sports enthusiasts, the DTV Shredder is positioned as “the first true...

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  • 10 May, 2017

    Sub fascination

    Submersibles are creating waves in superyacht circles, more popular than ever before at...

  • 29 Apr, 2017

    Pep up your propulsion

    The dynamic, portable and compact Bixpy Jet offers divers and watersports fantatics a new form of...

  • 21 Apr, 2017

    Fish finding drone

    Aiming to revolutionise the recreational fishing market, the PowerRay drone from PowerVision, is a...

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