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  • 13 Sep, 2017

    Make docking a breeze

    The new retractable thruster from Vetus makes docking faster and easier.

  • 02 Aug, 2017

    Twin Disc hands-on at SIBS

    At this year's 50th Sydney International Boat Show, Twin Disc will have a prominent presence on the...

  • 04 Apr, 2017

    Problem solved

    Side Hatch kit resolves issue of the need for an additional maintenance access point on challenging...

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  • 04 Apr, 2017

    Better boating visibility

    Advanced Thermal Cameras and Axiom Multifunction Displays improve Boaters’ view.

  • 04 Apr, 2017

    Cleaned and Sealed

    Soap and Sealer Products Designed to Clean and Protect Polyurethane Topcoats.

  • 04 Apr, 2017

    Sounds great

    Two new marine-optimised component loudspeakers from Bowers & Wilkins will maximise your listening...

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  • 03 Apr, 2017

    Boss of Propulsion

    Twin Disc Pacific have been appointed exclusive distributor for the innovative Seatorque Marine...