The latest gadgets, toys and technology that are shaping the yachting industry.


  • Toys21 Apr, 2017

    Fish finding drone

    Aiming to revolutionise the recreational fishing market, the PowerRay drone from PowerVision, is a...

  • Technology21 Apr, 2017

    Deep sea adventure

    Adventurers and avid explorers will soon be able to see first-hand the most fascinating depths of...

  • Toys21 Apr, 2017

    Flying future is here

    Aeromobil, the convertible car to aircraft, garnered international amazement and acclaim at its...

  • Toys20 Apr, 2017

    Making a splash

    FunAir launches their Superyacht Lagoon Pool - Aussie Edition at the Sanctuary Cove Boat...

  • Technology20 Apr, 2017

    Connect the dots

    The advanced superyacht booking system, LuxBerths, has launched in Asia.

  • Toys11 Apr, 2017

    Green go-kart

    The electric-powered JETPAD go-kart is a fast and environmentally-friendly water toy that will rev...

  • Technology07 Apr, 2017

    Blood, Sweat & The Sea

    Walkley Award winning journalist Mike Swinson tells the story of John Muir in a highly regarded new...

  • Hardware04 Apr, 2017

    Problem solved

    Side Hatch kit resolves issue of the need for an additional maintenance access point on challenging...

  • Hardware04 Apr, 2017

    Better boating visibility

    Advanced Thermal Cameras and Axiom Multifunction Displays improve Boaters’ view.

  • Hardware04 Apr, 2017

    Cleaned and Sealed

    Soap and Sealer Products Designed to Clean and Protect Polyurethane Topcoats.

  • Hardware04 Apr, 2017

    Sounds great

    Two new marine-optimised component loudspeakers from Bowers & Wilkins will maximise your listening...

  • Toys05 Apr, 2017

    Two-wheeler Bugatti

    Bugatti has teamed up with German bike manufacturer, PG to create a limited edition push bike in the...