Looking after our blue planet
for the generations to come.


  • 07 Nov, 2018

    Adieu capitaine

    YachtAid Global’s executive director, Tim Forderer has stepped down after a year of volunteer...

  • 24 Oct, 2018

    Cause célèbre

    Nearly two decades ago, Peter Knights decided to tackle a monumental challenge ending the scourge of...

  • 16 Oct, 2018

    Cargo sets sail

    The S/Y Black Pearl team is ushering in a new frontier in eco-friendly cargo ships.

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  • 17 Aug, 2018

    Grit and gumption

    Tom Hill, Director at Rivergate Marina & Shipyard, will raise funds for Blue Marine Foundation...

  • 05 Aug, 2018

    Project Menorca

    Sunseeker launches marine conservation programme on the Balearic Island of Menorca with its...

  • 05 Jul, 2018

    Last straw for plastic

    Abell Point Marina has adopted the Last Straw Initiative, taking the pledge to eschew plastic...

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  • 08 Jun, 2018

    Ocean keeper

    Ocean talks to environmentalist Tim Silverwood about a topic close to his heart – and what we can...

  • 07 Jun, 2018

    Taking stock

    YachtAid Global, the yachting community’s dedicated humanitarian team, has released its 2017...

  • 07 Jun, 2018

    Moral compass

    It’s been said that if you can’t save the Galapagos, you can’t save humanity. The mystical...

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